Since 2011, SARN has been an active network for artists and other researchers working within Swiss art schools. The network supports an authentic discussion about how and why artists do research, their working conditions and how this work is made accessible to the public. In a series of workshops beginning in 2011, projects (often on-going) have been presented, discussed and thus ‘used’ by all participants to gain an understanding of this emerging field. Developing an open discussion based on volunteer contributions across institutional borders has been exceptionally rewarding. The SARN booklets each consolidate reflections from one of the SARN-workshops, aiming to capture the seriousness as well as the dynamic lightness of the work. The booklets present artistic research issues in a comprehensible manner, to an audience interested in accessing and continuing the discussions.

Beginning in 2020 a new review series by the SARN work group NewsLibrary presents a loose survey of publication formats in the field. Each month, a different artist/researcher is invited to review a publication of their choosing from the standpoint of artistic research–in 1000 characters. In addition to here, the reviews are made available to the public in the SARN newsletter and on instagram @sarn_switzerland.