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2020 October
Denise Ziegler Reviews Tikkaoja, Oona. Everyday Anomaly Archive, 2010-2020
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Denise Ziegler for NewsLibrary
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Denise Ziegler is a postdoctoral researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki. denise-ziegler.squarespace.com



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Tikkaoja, Oona. Everyday Anomaly Archive, 2010-2020, part of the research project Learning about the Familiar by Paying Attention to Everyday Anomalies.

Learning about the Familiar by Paying Attention to Everyday Anomalies is a research project by Finnish artist Oona Tikkaoja dedicated to the kind of subtle reality-bending experiences we are all familiar with in our daily lives. Tikkaoja asks what kind of occurrences make people experience moments of confusion. Her ‘Archive of Everyday Anomalies’ is part of the research material for her doctoral thesis, which she will defend shortly.

Tikkaoja introduces the term of reality tinkering, derived from tinker: a seller and repairer of pots and pans (as in the German Kesselflicker), a craftsperson, trader and vagabond. She compares her artistic work and artistic research to “contemporary tinkering,“ calling like-minded artistic researchers “amateurs who concentrate their efforts on things they love – people with a creative attitude, who believe that anything can be fixed with a packet of bubble gum.”

This artistic research operates on the periphery of art and non-art, implements bricolage as a method of artistic research and uses as a leading concept Allan Kaprow’s term lifelike art, which refers to a meaning-making activity situated in the middle of life. At its core is the production of new actions instead of theoretical insights.