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"This is a depiction of Camille from the hypnotic tour, as a symbiosis with a feline animal. For the hypnotic tour I also used as a source Latin America´s shamanic precolumbine traditions in which the spiritual guide becomes an animal, mostly a puma, during a transcendental rite." Valeria Schwarz, 2020.
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From Staying with the Trouble by Haraway, Donna J. Duke University Press, 2016. All rights reserved. Downloaded 19 October 2017.
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"A photograph of a monarch butterfly I took in the garden where I grew up." Valeria Schwarz, 2020.
2021 November
Valeria Schwarz reviews Donna J. Haraway's “The Camille Stories. Children of Compost”, 2016 and Valeria Schwarz' Encounter with Another Camille, 2020.
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Valeria Schwarz for NewsLibrary
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As a feminist artist, curator, cultural manager and educator Valeria Schwarz has been active in the international culture scene since 2007 and shares her time between professional and care activities since 2016. She develops context-specific artworks in the public sphere, in which she reflects about power structures, while proposing new imaginaries based on solidarity and reciprocal understanding. valeriaschwarz.com



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Donna J. Haraway: “The Camille Stories. Children of Compost”. In Staying with the Trouble. Making Kin in the Chthulucene, pp.134-168. Duke University Press, 2016

Valeria Schwarz: Encounter with Another Camille, a hypnotic tour based on The Camille Stories. Presented at Who Cares Feminist Art Festival, Berlin, 2020.

Donna Haraway´s The Camille Stories. Children of Compost is the result of a collaborative writing process between the author, Fabrizio Terranova and Vinciane Despret in the frame of the workshop Narration Spéculative. Looking for ways to live in a damaged planet, the three of them speculated about five generations of symbiotic children that are a mixture between human beings and monarch butterflies. Haraway sees the Camille Stories as a ludic model for how collective projects can redefine abundance and imagine kinships that go beyond genetic relationships.

Feeling addressed by the question of how we could relate to other beings and to our environment in a more careful way, I started researching about other possible shapes that this symbiosis could take on. In Encounter with Another Camille, listeners are invited by means of collective hypnosis to immerse themselves in this experience, as protagonists. This Camille guides them through the depth of the jungle to a symbiotic community founded on reciprocal care and collective motherhood. Camille´s honey-colored bright eyes, the same eyes that shine in the night and can see the unseen seem to ask: Do you see how it works? Do you like it this way? This is just one possibility struggling to exist. It's up to every one of us to make it happen.