Does the universe have a margin?

Eisenring Ernen 2019
Christoph Eisenring, Drei Eingänge in ein Dorf (Rathaus), 2019, Zur frohen Aussicht, Ernen. Photograph: Hanes Sturzenegger
Work Group

Dalvazza Group


Tellenhaus, Hengert 10, 3995 Ernen (Valais)


10.15 - 18h


Michael Hiltbrunner (Dalvazza Group SARN), with co-host Zur frohen Aussicht in Ernen. Support from the Stiftung für fliessenden Kunstverkehr Küblis and the association art contemporain valais – zeitgenössische kunst wallis.

Registration (for dinner)


The strategies the artist Peter Trachsel (1949–2013, Dalvazza/Grisons) used for his work in rural areas for more than 20 years is still inspiring. We take his questions “Hat das Universum einen Rand?” as a starting point to discuss the potential of rural and peripheral strategies in the field of contemporary art and cultural initiatives. With contributions by the artists Antje Schiffers (Berlin) and Flurina Badel (Guarda, Engadine), the artist and researcher Marina Velez (Cambridge), the landscape architect Matthew Skjønsberg (EPFL, ETHZ), and the art scholar and curator Benoît Antille (édhéa Valais, HEAD Geneva), moderated by Michael Hiltbrunner (ZHdK, Zurich) and Josiane Imhasly (director Zur frohen Aussicht Ernen). Followed by a dinner.

The annual exhibition Zur frohen Aussicht, a summer exhibition with young artists in Ernen, is closing down on Sunday, September 29, 12.00-15.30, with a film screening (The Hour of the Farmer’s Movie) with Antje Schiffers, a sound performance by the Hammer Band, and the performance Yes, fast [cit.] by Federico del Vecchio.

PRACTICE-BASED! Institutional framing and writing practices for a PhD in the Arts

Practicebased 3

Critical Media Lab IXDM, Building D (high rise), 3rd floor, Freilager-Platz 1, 4002 Basel


16 - 19h


Barbara Bolt

Barbara Bolt is a practicing artist and art theorist and is Associate Dean of Research at the Victorian College of the Arts, and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne. She will speak about both her experiences with practice-based PhDs and the challenges that such projects pose for students. In the workshop, special attention will be given to the act of writing and different possibilities for experimenting with it (essayistic writing / essay film, fieldnotes, debriefs, etc.).

In cooperation with partners the Swiss Artistic Research Network organizes public events which present and reflect on artistic research. In the past, diverse workshops and podium discussions have been held, as well as three large conferences since 2012. The events develop from of the engagement of the association’s members in work groups, in which multiple themes are currently being worked on.

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