Sense of Forest


Gabriella Disler, Franziska Lauber


art(at), adm.flauber(at)


To be announced


To be determined in a newsletter to the members. A first meeting will take place in the second half of 2019. Details will be announced to the group members by e-mail in early summer 2019.

What is the forest and what do we call a forest? How can we maintain and use energetic awareness (sensing energies invisible to the human eye) through a methodology of artistic research? What kind of obstacles will come our way? Where is the interface between practice-based artistic research and scientific research - and is there one at all?

The work group concentrates on commercial forests in Switzerland, on trees as living creatures and on forest ecosystems in different locations where we establish the forest. The forest as compared to our human physicality and temporality; the forest as place of labor and recreation.

In this frame, we will base the individual artistic research methods on the unique knowledge of the group members, in particular on an energetic-perceptive level. The group's questions and research address the viewing of forests as more than an artistic workplace. They examine the forest's site specificity as a complex cipher of the unstable / stable relationship between the location of a forest and its identity in the contemporary artistic research era. In this context, we will give the same value to knowledge of scientific research as to sensitive energetic perception.

In the words of Albert Camus, who may have said it best: "Sense of place is not just something that people know and feel, it is something people do".

The group's research methodologies will include direct physical experience, discussions and reflections. Furthermore, the methods will be applied in a broad spectrum of media, based on the artistic practices of the participating members. The contents and results generated will be provided for discussion at internal association events and open meetings for the public in the form of conferences and lectures with guest speakers.

The group is open to up to 10 people. Workshops will be held with a minimum of 4 people.