Sense of Coexistence

Sense Of Forest 1
Workshop June 2020, Geneva
Sense Of Forest 2
Workshop June 2020, Geneva
Sense Of Forest 3
Workshop June 2020, Geneva
Sense Of Forest 4
Workshop June 2020, Geneva

Franziska Lauber






Meeting details are arranged within the group and vary from meeting to meeting.


Asthildur Jonsdottir, Eric Maeder

The research of the members of the group focuses on relations between humans and sentient non-human beings such as animals, plants, trees and forests. How do we encounter non-human beings in artistic research and practice and how do we redefine our relations to them?

Discursive and aesthetic exchange among the group's members is driven by their practices and research projects, coordinated by the group’s lead. Formats, methods, and media, are defined by the group members' unique questions. Reflected by the peers the aim is to find new common ways of knowing and becoming.

The outcomes will be open for discussion at SARN association events as well as public conferences and lectures.

The group forms an international network open to individual artistic researchers and collectives.