Pièce de Résistance

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Illustration by Marina Belobrovaja: ‘Das ungute Gefühl, auf der richtigen Seite zu stehen’ (‘The uncomfortable feeling of being on the right side')

Rachel Mader, Siri Peyer


To be determined by group members


To be determined by group members

The aim of the working group is twofold: first, the development and implementation of a graduate school for practice-based PhD candidates in the realm of visual cultural practices (detailed orientation to be specified); secondly, an analysis of this implementation by focusing on the structural obstacles and challenges for individual candidates which arise in the process.

The work group will develop the project methodically by elaborating a project application to the Swiss National Foundation. In addition, the work group will discuss all the elements that need to be clarified for such an application. Since these clarifications in themselves provide crucial indications of the obstacles and deficits such an endeavour encounters under current political circumstances, the group's debates are to be implemented as part of the research itself. Such elements include, on the one hand, content-related issues such as the object of practice-based research in the arts and its political and organisational conditions (lack of legal basis in Switzerland); the search for experts and supervision; creating a tailored curricula; research on financial support for the wide range of biographies in the field; post-doctoral research; and, on the other hand, structural obstacles of the research project such as who is working on the project and under what circumstances.

The results of the project will not only inform the political debate about practice-based PhD programs in Switzerland, but will also deliver practical tips for future PhD candidates and scholarly representatives alike.

The working group's discussion builds on the findings of the SARN-Publication PhD-Making is my Art Practice (2017), in which experiences have been evaluated in a first survey.

Current members are:
Rachel Mader, Ronny Hardliz, Siri Peyer

The group is open for further members. PhD candidates are very welcome to join! The collaboration will inform their projects as well as the SNF-application. The application is intended to be handed in by a few representatives from art schools. The participation of work groups members in the research project will be evaluated in the process of developing the application.