Methods & Practices

Hospental Workshop 01 Hotel Andermatt
Hospental Workshop 2019: Hotel Andermatt
Hospental Workshop 03 Urserental
Hospental Workshop 2019: Urserental
Hospental Workshop 04 Inertstoffdeponiezumdorf
Hospental Workshop 2019: Inertstoffdeponie Zumdorf
Hospental Workshop Kies Undbetonregliag
Hospental Workshop 2019: Kies- und Beton Regli AG
Zug Workshop 03 Afrikamuseum Zug
Zug Workshop 2019: Afrikamuseum Zug
Zug Workshop 04 Weggismitsichtaufbuergenstockresort
Zug Workshop 2019: Weggis mit Sicht auf Bürgenstockresort
Zug Workshop 05 Schifffahrtweggis Beckenried Sturmwarnung
Zug Workshop 2019: Schifffahrt: Weggis-Beckenried, Sturmwarnung

Flavia Caviezel, Priska Gisler, Christian Ritter


To be determined by groups members


There are scheduled four to five meetings a year


Michaela Büsse

Judith Dobler

Bernhard Garnicnig

Konstantin Mitrokhov

The work group concentrates on the identification and exploration of artistic research methods at the intersection of the arts with cultural and social sciences. Specifically, the focus is set on qualitative approaches like bricolage, mapping, interventions, hacking, synthetisizing approaches, participant observation, (city) walks, various conversation and interview forms, participative practices, critical writing, oral history, researches and documentations. Various auditive, visual and textual media are thereby considered as research tools. Presentation formats can be essayistic, installed or interactive, as in the case of assemblages, soundscapes, video essays, blogs, internet platforms, etc.

The work group assumes an explorative approach in terms of the shared elaboration and negotiation of knowledge, whereby adequate representational forms of knowledge and its dissemination are also continuously investigated.

The focus is on the debate with current and planned projects on methods of artistic research. A first project is dedicated on north-south/south-north mobility between the metropolitan regions of Zürich and Milan, in the frame of which explorative approaches and formats are tested. A first workshop is planned in the Andermatt-Hospen Valley for after the snow melts. Further project initiatives are desired.

The work group consists of max. 10 people. They meet as required, there are scheduled four to five meetings a year.