Dalvazza Group


Michael Hiltbrunner


Peripheral initiatives throughout Switzerland


Three times per year

The Dalvazza Group networks current practices of and research on rural and peripheral art. We discuss the quality and possibilities of experimental and research-based practices in rural contexts and peripheral situations. The group emerged from a symposium that took place in summer 2018 at Passagenhaus in Dalvazza (Küblis). Ideally, we meet in places where the group's members are active, as well as visiting other stakeholders to involve them in our exchange.

In the group we aim to gather expertise and discuss the specific qualities of the practices we explore. As such initiatives are sometimes marginalized or isolated, we would like to develop a platform and space of discourse and negotiation; both about the potential of research in remote artistic practices and the possibility of exchange in such peripheral and rural practices. We believe that these approaches are fundamental for artistic research per se and will help to keep it diverse in the future.

The group is open for new members; anyone interested can apply. The following currently make up the group:

Benoît Antille
Art researcher and curator, ECAV Sierre, HEAD Genève

Seraina Dür
Goldproduktionen, theatre productions, Zurich

Alex Erler
Head of Kulturraum Grammophon, Wattens, Austria

Fernando García-Dory
Artist, Inland.org, Deia/Mallorca / Madrid

Gabriel Gee
Art historian, researcher, Franklin University, Lugano

Ronny Hardliz
Artist, independent researcher, SARN board, Bern

Angela Hausheer
Artist, Braunwald / Zurich

Michael Hiltbrunner
Researcher, curator, IFCAR/ZHdK, SARN board, Zurich

Josiane Imhasly
Curator, Zurich / Ernen / Samedan

Susanne Kudorfer
Art historian, head of education, Ballenberg Freilichtmuseum Brienz

Hanga Séra
Architect, artist, curator, Merkurgarten, Zurich

Nienke Terpsma
Artist, non-academic researcher, Fucking Good Art Magazine, Rotterdam

Jan van Oordt
Artist, La Dépendance Artist Residency, St. Imier