Symposium: Interrelation – Mutualist Experiences in Art

Dalvazza Symposium 2024
Viviana González Méndez, from the series Ofrenda, 2023
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Admission for two days (including Tuesday evening): 90.- CHF, reduced: 60.- CHFMeals and snacks are included.Overnight accommodation is not included, we recommend accommodation options.



+ Conversation and Listening Session Art in the Landscape

Tuesday, June 4, 6pm Venue: Rehmann-Museum Languages: German and English
A conversation on the experiences with the tour in Laufenburg. How was it to realize the artworks for «Schimelrych bis Chrottehalde»? How are the reactions? With the artists Agnes Barmettler from Wölflinswil, Landra (Sara Rodrigues and Rodrigo B. Camacho) from Rio Douro (Portugal) and Jan van Oordt from St. Imier, moderated by Michael Hiltbrunner, curator of the exhibition. Followed by field recordings with the artist Claude Bühler (Lichtensteig).

Admission CHF 15.–, reduced CHF 10.–, refugees free entry

A symposium with artists of the exhibition, on the mutualism and reciprocity of art and nature, with a tour through Schimelrych to Chrottehalde, explanations from the artists, contributions by the artist Viviana González Méndez Baden/Bogotá) and the forester Andreas Bühler (Laufenburg), and harvesting, cooking, and eating together with Sonja Wunderlin (Laufenburg). With a tour from Schimelrych to Chrottehalde. This symposium is a unique summit meeting with artists from Laufenburg, the Jura Park, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. With an additional interventions by actors in rural and peripheral art from the Swiss Artistic Research Network SARN and the Symbiont Space in Basel.

Curated by Michael Hiltbrunner as part of the exhibition «From Schimelrych to Chrottehalde. Art and Nature in Laufenburg». With artists from the exhibition: Dora Freiermuth, Lorenz Olivier Schmid, Jan van Oordt, Agnes Barmettler, LANDRA (Sara Rodrigues, Rodrigo B. Gamacho), Isabelle Krieg, Marianne Engel, Ursula Rutishauser, Fernando García-Dory, Charlatan (Esther Maria Jungo, Jörg Bosshard), for the Symbiont space: Roland Fischer, from the Dalvazza Group, SARN: Hanga Séra, Diana Pavlicek, Sabine Rusterholz Petko, Linda Herzog, Curdin Tones