19.03.2022, 16:00–19:00

Call for Coexistence - Correspondence through collaboration: SARN Table with Sense of Forest

Kasko Sof Img

16:00 Welcome (Erin Mallon for SARN Table), artist tour (Sense of Forest)

18h Apéro and discussion

*sign up to reserve a spot for dinner after the event (location TBA) by sending an email to info@sarn.ch.


KASKO Projektraum für aktuelle Kunst, Performance und Vermittlung, Warteck pp, Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel

Event by

SARN Table in collaboration with Sense of Forest and KASKO




We appreciate your RSVP: info@sarn.ch

In the frame of "Sense of Forest: A think tank and organically growing exhibition of the SARN research group Sense of Forest at KASKO Basel", SARN Table invites you to a talk and tour with the artists. Each of the four exhibiting group members will present their research perspectives and give insight into their aproaches and guiding questions. The following apéro and talk invites guests to ask questions, brainstorm and share perspectives on artistic research practices as they relate to collaboration.

Sense of a forest represents the findings of a research group which are working on diverse forms of artistic research. We act as an eco-energetic system and deal with questions of what a forest is, how we can learn from forest, how do we coexist with a forest, what we call a forest and how a forest reflects our own human physicality and temporality.

A forest is often thought of as a place of resource and recreation. We challenge this idea of forest in different ways. By being a forest ourselves, each of us as individual trees extending into a collaborative and participatory research process. And by transforming the idea of a forest, through the tables placed in the space. The tables embody the trees’ second life, and invite contemplation of a forests’ life cycle, ecology of care, form and use.

The research extends throughout the space like roots, fallen leaves and mycelium by way of visual and conceptual installations. The forest is invited to grow through contributions and on-going participatory discourse and actions from visitors and invited guests. Discussions, performances, and participatory events will be held throughout the exhibition.