11.05.2023, 16:00–17:45

SARN Table "Work in Progress" with Art & Industry and NewsLibrary

Art Industry Work Group
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Newslibrary #microreview
"Beating the Bounds", Robert Hamelijnck reviews Grayson Perry (May 2021): NewsLibrary #microreview on Instagram
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SARN Table: Erin Mallon and Luzia Hürzeler


Die Stube (Room 012), PROGR, Waisenhausplatz 30, 3011 Bern

>> SARN Table invites you to get to know SARN’s work groups. In this first work group edition of SARN Table, the members of Art & Industry and NewsLibrary will present about their research. An open discussion round will follow, in which work group members and guests can ask questions and share perspectives on the work shown.

Art & Industry will present its 2022 starting points looking at industrial extraction in Switzerland through the example of asphalt mine in Val-de-Travers, radiating into the histories of global trade, industrial heritage, traditions of clockmaking in the Jura and Neuchatel, as well as current channels to develop the group’s collective input, ranging from tentative readers, screenings, and artistic practice presentations, to speculative template for futuristic industrial implementations.

NewsLibrary will discuss the microreview series, a collection of short texts on artistic research which is strongly shaped by the formal constraints of the task: the review must be no longer than roughly 1000 characters in length. The question arises not only of what is chosen for review, but how the reviews express themselves – with what kind of language, vocabulary, tone? We ask ourselves: do the reviews together tell something about the field of artistic research? And if so, what? What kind of stories can develop out of them?

*Directly after the SARN Table event you can join the HKB Forschungsapéro (18h) in the Aula at PROGR, including presentations on the following publications:

- Digitales Kapital im Einsatz – Priska Gisler (former SARN board member)
- Schlafend unter Wölfen – Luzia Hürzeler (SARN board member)
- Atlas of Aspect Change – Tine Melzer (SARN member)