31.10.2013, 05:46–05:46

Evaluation Models in Artistic Research Projects


ZHdK – Zürcher Hochschule der Künste


13h30 - 16h30


Stefan Wagner, Ulrich Görlich/Meret Wandeler, Linda Cassens


Julie Harboe (HSLU D&K), Andrea Portmann (ZHdK)

The main focus of this workshop is the theme of artistic research projects, which develop tools and criteria for evaluation during the research process and that serve as a model for similar projects, for example in the form of a manual. The workshop will also draw attention to the context and conditions, which form the basis of these observations and evaluation processes.

This article written by Linda Cassens Stoian sheds light on a specific artistic research methodology, as a means for furthering spatial and participatory aspects of art, architecture and cultural projects. The methodology was developed and tested within two sequent Swiss National research projects( perform space: 2003-2004; The Situated Body: 2005-2006).