25.10.2012, 06:58–06:58

Emerging topics and themes of artistic research in Switzerland


HKB – Hochschule der Künster Bern


13h30 - 17h15


Flavia Caviezel (FHNW), Priska Gisler (HKB), Jörg Huber (ZHdK)

By attempting an overview of themes and developments of artistic research at the different Universities this workshop will enquire into the present situation of theory and practice of artistic research in Switzerland.

On the one hand themes and objectives will be considered in retrospect asking what has been achieved (particularly with regard to projects that have led to grants, publications, exhibitions etc.).

On the other hand the event will attempt a view of emerging (thematic or methodological) fields and where researchers see future interests and needs.

By obtaining an overview of the research profiles and concrete topics of the different Universities we hope to support both a fruitful exchange and to advance the debate about the contribution artistic research is making to various (theoretical, artistic, social, practical) fields and how and which topics are central in the public context.

(This last issue will be followed up in the last workshop this year, on December 3rd in Luzern, dealing with forms and formats of the presentation of artistic research).