29.02.2020, 09:02–09:02

Artistic Challenges in Mountain Villages

200229 Dalvazza Symposium Lumbrein
Buatsch Festival by Collective Tersnaus 2019, Avi Sliman Photography
Work Group

Dalvazza Group


Michael Hiltbrunner


Casa d’Angel, Dado Baselgia 116, CH-7148 Lumbrein




Free entrance, please sign up at michael.hiltbrunner(at)zhdk.ch

As part of

The exhibition "futur" (21.12.19 - 21.03.20)

Presentations and discussions with the local activist Leander Albin (Tersnaus), the artist Celia Längle (Zurich), the theater director Ute Haferburg (Theater Chur), the curator Josiane Imhasly (Zur frohen Aussicht, Ernen VS | Samedan | Zurich), the architect Reto Zindel (Chur), moderated by Ric Allsopp (Performance Research Journal) and Michael Hiltbrunner. With additional music performance by Chris Shields (synthesizer/computer) and Leander Albin (guitar).