Dalvazza Group Week-end St. Imier

Dalvazza group weekend at St. Imier 2019
Work Group

Dalvazza Group


Michael Hiltbrunner


La Dépendance, Sur le Pont 31, 2610 St.Imier (Bern)

The first internal meeting of the group that came out of the symposium in Dalvazza (Grisons) was held in St. Imier (Bern), the place where anarchism went international in 1872. The group met for a week-end at La Dépendance, an artist residency in the west of Switzerland run independently by the artist Jan van Oordt. The members of the group, each involved in rural or peripheral art initiatives with a research interest, presented their work and discussed the future activities of the Dalvazza Group. A large part of the group participated and new candidates for membership were discussed.

Final part of the weekend was a public presentation by Nienke Terpsma and Rob Hamelijnck (Rotterdam) on Sunday of their latest book (FGA #38; What life could be / the ambivalence of success), with music and a reading to inaugurate the beginning of the library at the residency.